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Customer Service Speaker

Customer Experience speaker Jeofrey Bean
“We engaged Jeof (along with his co-author) to facilitate two customer service – customer experience sessions at our recent company-wide Product Summit

— one session for Product Managers and one session for leaders of various non-Product groups. These sessions resulted in motivating many substantive post-conference discussions and provided a common vocabulary for Product and non-Product teams to discuss Customer Experience as a key enabler of our future success. Jeof was well-prepared for our diverse audience and offered useful CX examples throughout both sessions that helped reinforce his messages. He definitely over-delivered on his commitments to our organization — highly recommended.”
–Dave Johnson, Vice President, Product Management at CoreLogic

Customer Experience Speaker – Keynote Speaker Video

In this customer experience video key note speaker Jeofrey Bean is on stage and emphasizes the leadership and decision making of the best in customer experience at the SDL Innovate Customer Experience Conference, San Francisco, CA, with an audience of over 600 people.

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“Nearly 2,600 LPL Financial advisors attended our annual national conference, in San Diego to discover ways to grow their business. LPL Financial invited Jeof Bean to speak with our advisors on his latest book, The Customer Experience Revolution. Jeof shared valuable insights from his research and helped our small business owner advisors learn how they too can implement proven strategies to improve their customer experience. Participants’ in Jeof’s talk rated the learnings as some of their best takeaways from the conference.”

–Jen Gloss, Senior Vice President, LPL Financial

Author Customer Experience Revolution
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