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Customer Experience Consultant Speaker Book Author Educator Jeofrey Bean
Customer experience consultant, book author, speaker and UC San Diego educator Jeofrey Bean assists clients to improve and innovate customer experience to be better and different for customers while improving profitability as adviser, mentor, customer experience workshop leader and experienced instructor.

The latest of his customer experience books is Customer Experience Rules! which follows a best-selling CX book The Customer Experience Revolution – How Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever, with Sean Van Tyne, pub’d by Brigantine Media, based on experience, research and in-person interviews with CX leaders.

Jeofrey is an experienced Instructor at UC San Diego Extension teaching Advanced Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Leadership courses in programs for domestic and international students. His executive education and professional development programs include The Customer Experience Workshop – A two-day immersive program about applying the best practices, leadership culture and decision making from the top customer experience companies.

As a personable and engaging keynote speaker, seminar leader and mentor, Jeofrey is known for innovative yet practical insights and commentary delivered with a dash of humor working with clients and as speaker at venues including J.D. Power Service Excellence Summit and as guest on host John Hockenberry’s “The Take Away” program on National Public Radio (NPR WNYC PRI).

Jeofrey Bean Customer Experience Speaker


As an engaging keynote speaker and expert in customer experience and Internet marketing author Jeofrey Bean is known for his innovative yet practical insights and commentary delivered with a dash of humor.

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Customer Experience Author Jeofrey Bean


Jeofrey Bean is one of the authors of the highly acclaimed and best-selling book The Customer Experience Revolution — How Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever.

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Customer Experience Instructor Seminar


Jeofrey is passionate about engaging people with effective learning in training seminars or workshops at companies, special events and when developing and teaching courses in class at UC San Diego.

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UCSD Customer Experience Extension Course

The Customer Experience Course at UC San Diego Oct 12 – Dec 14 2017 (9 mtgs 3 Credits)

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Customer Experience Strategies
Develop The Out of Box Customer Experience to Increase Customer Advocates

Customer Experience Best Practices – Develop Extraordinary Out of Box Experiences
Out of box experiences should create customer advocates

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San Diego Local Authors Award 2012 & 2015

The San Diego Local Authors Award and Exhibit is presented by the City and highlights the intellectual and creative accomplishments of writers in the San Diego region

Developer and Instructor of The Customer Experience Course and CX Workshop at UC San Diego Extension

The Customer Experience Workshop is a 2-day executive program about applying the best practices and leadership of the top CX companies

Author of 2 Leading Customer Experience Books

Best-Selling Customer Experience Book – The Customer Experience Revolution and newest book Customer Experience Rules! illustrated by Film Director Steve Hickner of DreamWorks Animation

Expert Reviewer Customer Experience Special Interest Group sponsored by Intuit

Advising companies on the improvement and innovation of customer experience incl Proflowers, Sony PlayStation, TheCourseKey, Green Craft Kids, Intuit, Stickshift

Some of the great companies and universities Jeofrey Bean has worked with

UC San Diego Jeofrey Bean
JD Power Jeofrey Bean
Guest on John Hockenberry's radio show on NPR / PRI
Brigantine Media Jeofrey Bean
Verizon Wireless Jeofrey Bean

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Customer Experience Book – A Best Selling CX book!

Learn how companies like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks have changed business forever

Customer Experience Revolution Book

Authors: Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne
Published by: Brigantine Media

The customer experience revolution has begun! Businesses that provide an extraordinary customer experience are more profitable and sustainable than their competition. They dominate their industries and marginalize competing companies. Authors Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne uncover valuable insights about leadership and decision-making. At large and small companies they call Experience Makers, the focus has surpassed products, services, and price toward the purpose-built customer experience and the user experience within it

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