PMI Conference Presentation: Innovating the Customer and User Experience to Your Advantage May 14, 2011

Apple, NetFlix and Flip Video do it on purpose, why not you? A few extraordinary companies have proven there is a new frontier with new revenues, profits and customer advocates. Why now and how do they do it? Why should you care? What steps and processes can you use today to get there?

Exceptional companies, large and small, have proven there is a new frontier that excels over features and price. They go beyond typical product, technology and project development and delivery. They make the case for purposely developing and delivering customer and user experiences that create new markets or segments. These companies benefit from the new revenues and customer advocates they create. They have the expertise to create customer and user experiences that attract, retain and sustain customers like no others.

Please join Jeofrey Bean for a dynamic and engaging session with real world examples of why and how purposely developing and delivering extraordinary customer experiences is smart, profitable and practical. The session includes a pragmatic process you can start to implement when you get back from the conference.


Jeofrey Bean is an author, speaker and Principal of Del Mar Research & Consulting, LLC. He specializes in increasing the success of product development, marketing and customer experience decisions. Jeof’s experience spans strategic to tactical with small innovative companies to large successful organizations like I Drive Safely, ComplianceMAX, LPL Financial, AT&T and Quest Diagnostics.

Jeofrey has an M.S. in Business Management, a B.S. in Psychology / Marketing and has served as Adjunct Professor of Business Management and Marketing, Centenary College. He is on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Software Industry Council’s (SDSIC) User Experience Group and User Experience expert review panel and an Advisor to companies that develop or depend on technology for their success.

Jeofrey was recognized for keeping companies competitive with the Heartbeat of America Award, presented on the television show “The Heartbeat of America” with host William Shatner and the interview by Doug Llewelyn on American Life TV Network.

Jeofrey is the author of several marketing, business and product development articles; and a frequent guest speaker.

Recent topics include:
-Opening Your Innovation Channels for Effective Product Advantage
-The Experience Economy: What it means for Product Development and Innovation
-The Customer Experience Advantage: Companies that transformed their industry and customers lives forever


PMI 8th Annual Conference

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