Customer Experience Insights #3 — The Do-Fors: Beyond Products, Features, Services, and Price for Leadership

September 14, 2012 I Automotive Digest
Author: Jeofrey Bean

Interviewing leaders at many of the best customer experience companies leads to an understanding of what truly drives their success. One of the factors that make these companies better and different than most others is what I call the “Do-Fors.”

The Do-Fors go far beyond tag lines, traditional value propositions, features and benefits lists, specifications or unique offers. Do-Fors quickly answer the ques­tions: What will that do for me? Why should I care? Am I willing to pay for that? The Do-Fors are an integral part of the entire customer experience including messages, processes, people, products and services.

Customer Experience Insights #2 — Go Outside Your Industry for Insights, Your Customers Do

August 16, 2012 I Automotive Digest
Author: Jeofrey Bean

“Companies that innovate the better customer experience and successfully deliver it ultimately set the bar for all companies,” says Gina Pingitore, J.D. Power and Associates’ Chief Research Officer, in Jeofrey Bean’s book, The Customer Experience Revolution — How Companies Like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever.

Whether your objectives are to determine, develop and deliver a completely new experience for customers and redefine the market, or improve the experiences people are having with your company now, you need to learn and compete with the best.

Customer Experience Insights #1 — Seeing the Opportunity with Customer Experience

July 12, 2012 I Automotive Digest
Author: Jeofrey Bean

Beginning in 2007, and in the economic vacuum of 2008, it became very noticeable that there were a group of companies from several industries that were better, different, more profitable and sustainable than most others. What were these companies doing?

The Customer Experience Advantage – Pragmatic Differentiation and Increased Revenues in a Tough Economy

October 2009 I Biznik
Author: Jeofrey Bean

Pure Digital Technologies sorted out the wants of customers in the video camcorder market, mastered the new voice of the customer and the market. Now Sony is copying them and Cisco owns them. How did they do that?

Reducing Uncertainty and Increasing the Success of Communication and Promotional Decisions

May 2009 I Biznik
Author: Jeofrey Bean

There has never been a better time to be practical about reducing the uncertainty and increasing the return from your promotional decisions. What do you measure to determine communication effectiveness and how can you increase its value to the prospect?

Beyond SEO: driving customer attraction, retention, and top-line growth

September 2008 | The Pragmatic Marketer, Volume 6, Issue 4
Author: Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne

Does your website speak to your customers and fulfill your business objectives?
In this article, Jeof partners with Sean Van Tyne to address the critical steps businesses should take to make their websites more compelling to their target audiences. They share a step-by step process that connects market intelligence to the user experience for website visitors; how business objectives provide the measure of the user experience design; and how to exceed the needs of the customer to deliver simple, elegant solutions that are a joy to experience.

Three Uncommon Steps to Assure Your Web Site is an Asset, Not an Accessory

April 2007 | Carlsbad Business Journal
Author: Jeofrey Bean

Small and medium sized businesses frequently want an evaluation of their web site. They want and need to know how it compares to the competition. Most of them will be getting this assessment from the business development viewpoint for the first time.

Ten Important Business Development Options to Overcome Challenges and Accelerate Business

September 2006 | Carlsbad Business Journal
Author: Jeofrey Bean

In any business it is important to define business development option(s), what challenges it should solve or business parts it should accelerate. Professionals who utilize select business development options generally lower their risk and cost. Their options are less demanding and provide an earlier return on investment.

Business Development Options may be the Key to Boosting Your Business

July 2006 | Carlsbad Business Journal
Author: Jeofrey Bean

Ask seven people what business development is and you are likely to wind up with seven different answers. Working with small and medium sized clients has shown that companies’ definition of business development is usually based on the situation(s) they are presently in. This includes making a new sale, investing in advertising or offering a new product or service. Also, a lot of small and medium sized businesses believe that business development options or programs are only for large companies. This is not so.

Book author, keynote speaker Jeofrey Bean Customer Experience Revolution
Jeofrey Bean is the author of the book The Customer Experience Revolution with Sean Van Tyne. Jeofrey is also a contributing editor for several high profile publications.
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The Customer Experience Revolution

How Companies like Apple, Amazon and Starbucks have changed business forever

By Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne

“Across industries we’re approaching the ‘Vortex,’ a feature horizon whereby winning customers and growing business is no longer a function of new features but something else entirely. Filled with accessible and thought-provoking examples, The Customer Experience Revolution demonstrates how organizations both large and small must engage with their customers to prevent commoditization and sustain a healthy bottom line.”

–Darryl Kuhn, Chief Technology Officer, Skinit

“Van Tyne and Bean explore case studies of some of
today’s most successful companies. As they look at
their business, marketing and product design, it
becomes clear that the secret to success it to put
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of both cautionary tales and inspirational stories.”

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